Changing of the seasons is fun when it comes to getting to wear those forgotten favorite fall clothes and enjoying homemade treats. It’s a time where I get to snuggle up in one of my many enormous sweaters, most draping past my knees, and enjoy as many cups of hug hot chocolates (milk and white chocolate) with extra extra whip cream as I can.

Though the trees no longer look as green as they were just one month ago, and the sun decides to call it a night earlier each evening, doesn’t mean this fall will be any less energizing. In most cases the fall season is the busiest. It’s when most people say goodbye to their time of relaxation in the summer and return to their responsibilities and obligations at school and at work. Yoga can help you preserve that feeling of relaxation as if it were still summer, keeping you energized and focused throughout your busy work and school day.

The cold mornings and evenings will no longer be an impending threat to your health, as yoga will heighten your immune system so that nothing can hold you back from performing your best. I find that yoga can remind us that we are full of potential and capable of living out our lives to their fullest. We have endless possibilities, but so few people actually live out their lives to achieve, breathe and experience this potential.


Fear, self-doubt and a whole other mess of circumstances can stand in the way. It can seem, if we choose to look at things in a certain way that life is one big set up for failure, to do what we are told, get in line, and pay attention to a formula that has been set by someone else who didn’t live up to their full potential. Why subscribe?

Fear can lead to a life of unanswered questions like, “What could have been?” and even worse, a glazed over happiness.

One thing I love about yoga is it naturally empowers you to realize who the heck you are and then hopefully give you the energy, courage and inspiration to go out and do something about it.

When you do what you love you become a magnet for everything that aligns with your intention. You become extra magnetic especially when people haven’t seen something quite like how you are doing it. Remember everyone is unique and when you are being you, you are extraordinary. The problem is most people try to be like someone else that is already successful. The trick is to be you. Cultivate you.